Instantly Search Terabytes of Text

  • The UBSearch product line can instantly search terabytes of text across a desktop, network, Internet or Intranet site.
  • UBSearch products also serve as tools for publishing, with instant text searching, large data collections to Web sites or portable media.
  • Developers can embed UBSearch instant searching and file format support into their own applications.
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    UBSearch document filters support a broad range of data

    • Supports MS Office through current versions (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), OpenOffice, ZIP, HTML, XML/XSL, PDF and many other formats
    • Supports Exchange, Outlook, Thunderbird and other popular email types, including nested and ZIP attachments
    • Spider supports public and secure, static and dynamic (ASP.NET, SharePoint, CMS, PHP, etc.) web data
    • APIs for SQL-type data, including BLOB data
    • Highlights hits in all supported data types